It is the first individual hedge fund established by Azimut Capital Management Sgr SpA. It is a long/short equity type fund specializing in European equities.

Launched in July 2005, it was closed in March 2006 having reached the maximum number of investors (200) allowed by Italian law.


Aliseodue is the second hedge fund managed by Azimut Capital Management Sgr SpA. It was launched in June 2006 and closed in July 2006. Aliseodue is also a long/short European equity fund.


Launched in August 2006 and closed in September 2006, it is a hedge fund with similar characteristics to Aliseo and Aliseodue.


This is a fund of funds investing mainly in hedge funds promoted and managed by Azimut Capital Management Sgr SpA

Azimut Multistrategy

The Azimut Group widens and completes its offer with Azimut Multistrategy. A new product with a management style targeting low volatility, it is reserved for Azimut Group customers and is managed in partnership with In Alternative Spa

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